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The company has established a sound salary and welfare system. Such as: intern management system, salary management system, welfare management system, social insurance management system, management system of introducing middle and senior talents, management system of introducing middle and senior talents, grades, job classification standards and definitions, management regulations of leading posts, reward management regulations of R&D projects, management regulations of technical tutors, etc.

In order to attract talents, the company has formed such distribution and cooperation modes as salary, welfare, insurance, project incentives, year-end incentives, equity options and project cooperation.


  1. Technicians shall adopt the salary policy of rewarding the salary of the company's age by skill-level wage items of basic workload. That is to say, the company determines the basic wage according to the skill level, then verifies the basic workload of each skill level, and distributes the excess part on the basis of completing the basic workload according to the quota standard approved by the company.

  2. Managers implement a fixed-level salary system, that is, to achieve a hierarchical salary system based on the results of personal post value presentation.

  3. For the professional and technical personnel who come to the company for internship and probation, the company will provide subsidies superior to those in the same industry.


Employees of the company are entitled to the following welfare benefits according to their job rank and service life: heat protection, cold protection, birthday gift, Festival gift, pension, holiday, annual meritorious salary, education and training benefit, catering benefit, holiday benefit, physical examination fee, paid vacation benefit, transportation benefit, social insurance, and other benefits provided by the company according to the actual situation.

Special Talents Introduction and Settlement Allowance

  1. Self-contained projects, annual profits of more than 3 million yuan, one-time subsidy of 500-1 million yuan;

  2. Self-contained projects, annual profits of more than 1.5 million yuan, a one-time subsidy of 200-800 million yuan;

  3. Technical, marketing, manufacturing experts and company executives, 100-400,000 yuan;

  4. Senior software engineers, senior electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineers and all kinds of companies need senior talents, ranging from $100,000 to $150,000.

Entrepreneurship Award

Doctors and professional technicians related to the company's current industry are entitled to annual awards and equity incentives based on their contributions to the company and their working hours.

Medium-and Long-Term Incentives

  1. Social security benefits: state social insurance policies; medical care, pension, unemployment, work-related injuries, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund. The core competitiveness of the company can be maintained by making the employees have no worries and incline to the core employees.

  2. Employee Stock Ownership Plan: Employee's service life and contribution in the enterprise. To tie up the interests of employees with those of CUHK, while stabilizing employees, to enable employees to stand in the perspective of CUHK to safeguard the interests of enterprises and work hard. ?

  3. Pension plan: Based on the length of time employees work in the company, provide more than 50,000 one-time pensions to encourage employees to work in the company for a long time and stability. ?

  4. Continuing Education Program: For employees above the department level who have worked in the company for three consecutive years and whose performance is excellent, the company will provide part or all of the subsidies for the continuing education of the employees; for the professional talents in key positions, the company will provide them with professional and technical training, which can only work for a certain period of time without paying any fees for themselves. To meet the needs of employees'self-development.

  5. Purchase and Purchase Loan (Grant) Scheme: For some professionals who are in line with the direction of the company's industrial development, the company can provide some loans (grants) to assist employees in purchasing and purchasing cars.

Specific Criteria and Amount

After the two sides have a clear intention to cooperate, they can exchange and negotiate specific cooperation modes, working methods and specific compensation modes.

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