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Overall strategy

  1. In order to keep the product ahead in China and enter the world, Zhongda Chuangyuan has made great efforts to introduce technical experts, production experts and advanced manufacturing and assembly technicians from the machine tool industry at home and abroad to ensure that the company has the world's leading industrial knowledge structure and core.

  2. In order to serve the company's strategic planning and implement advanced human capital reserve, Zhongda Chuangyuan has carried out comprehensive capacity training for existing personnel to meet the needs of the company's development for talents by investing in human resources cost with comparable advantages.

  3. Through the organic combination of introducing talents from outside and cultivating talents from inside, we can build a clear career planning system for employees, clarify career development channels for employees, build a new learning organization, pay attention to the long-term development of enterprises and employees, combine the personal progress of employees with the development of enterprises, and form a talent mechanism of lifelong service enterprises for employees.


  1. Introducing talents is the main task, while internal training is the supplement.

  2. Establishing perfect selection criteria, procedures and rules, and defining functions and responsibilities;

  3. Build an internal talent training platform and establish an internal talent training system.

  4. Expanding the channels of talent introduction and establishing talent databases at home and abroad for all posts. Let competent and thoughtful people have a way to join Zhongda and make great progress.

  5. Build a training system, improve the training mechanism, so that talented people with ability and ideas can have room to improve progress and show their abilities in Zhongda.

Educate People

  1. Establish internal training tutor system for each post;

  2. Distribution of training courses for each module;

  3. Establishing training database;

  4. Building a learning organization;

  5. To become a "one-gang-one" mentor mechanism.


  1. Make good use of the mechanism to form the personnel promotion mechanism of "the top of the capable and the bottom of the mediocre".

  2. Establish a career planning system for employees and clarify their career development channels.

  3. Good assessment system and project management system;

  4. Establishing a team to build a salary system;

  5. Implement a perfect skill-level wage system for technology and production;

  6. Improve the distribution mechanism, covering the distribution mechanism of salary, welfare and long-term development;

  7. Career planning for employees;

  8. Establish an efficient employment mechanism system.

Keep People

  1. Special mechanism should be adopted, which does not require the possession of talents, but requires the use of talents, such as flexible working system and cooperative system of professional and technical projects.

  2. The salary of comparative competitive advantage;

  3. Building a platform for talent growth and development;

  4. Build and implement the competency model.

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