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Hunan ZDCY CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd 

     Hunan ZDCY CNC Equipment Co., Ltd was established in April 2004, located in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, it is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-grade CNC gear processing machine tools. The company has invested and built the largest industrial base of spiral bevel gear processing equipment in China (77000 square meters). It has an annual production capacity of 200 gear machine tools. Its products include CNC spiral bevel gear machine tools, CNC complex surface processing machine tools and machine tool accessories, and provides a complete set of technical services for digital precision gear processing. The company has completed the closed-loop manufacturing system of spiral bevel gears and formed the equipment supermarket with multi-structure of numerical control gear processing technology. The products are widely used in  automobile, petrochemical industry, metallurgical mine, engineering machinery and other industries, breaking the technical blockade and embargo imposed by developed countries , and filling in many fields. Item domestic blank and world blank.

    We are the backbone enterprise of the national metal cutting manufacturing industry and the leading enterprise of the domestic spiral bevel gear machine tool manufacturing industry; it is the national high-tech enterprise, the head of the drafting unit of the basic standard of Chinese bevel gear, and the executive director unit of the China Gear Professional Association; it is the "Little Giant" enterprise supported by Hunan Province, Hunan Provincial Technology Center and Hunan Province Technological Innovation Enterprise. Hunan Province intends to recommend 60 listed companies (ranked seventh).

    We integrates the technical resources of famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad, such as Zhongnan University, Hunan University, Northwest University of Technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Since 2004, it has undertaken the national 973 project of "Basic Research of Digital Manufacturing", "National Science and Technology Support Plan", "Key Project of National Science and Technology Innovation Fund", and "National High-grade CNC Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment". National key projects, such as key new products, and technological innovation and key science and technology projects of many provinces and municipalities.

    The company has created the China's first "dry cutting" CNC control spiral bevel gear cutting machine with independent intellectual property rights, China's first CNC control spiral bevel gear cutting machine, the first CNC control spiral bevel gear grinding machine and the first digital precision manufacturing line of spiral bevel gear; the largest grinding workpiece. The CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine YK20100 with diameter of 1 meter and the largest CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine YK20160 with diameter of 1.6 meters for processing workpiece are introduced. A number of achievements have been identified as domestic pioneering and international advanced level. More than 20 software copyright registrations have been approved. More than 30 patents for inventions and utility models have been granted, and more than 50 unique technologies have been obtained.

    In 2012, the company succeeded in overcoming the dry cutting technology of spiral bevel gears and introduced a complete set of full-function NC bevel gear processing equipment. The success of this project has made our spiral bevel gear technology and processing equipment stand in the international advanced ranks, making our company the first domestic and international enterprise to master this technology independently, and the products have realized industrialization, and become the high-end of our country. A milestone in the development of NC equipment technology.

    We has won the National Key New Product Award for its full-function, CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Cutting Machine, Grinding Machine, Grinding Machine and Inspection Machine; ZDCY Gear Processing Machine has won the highest award of China Machine Tools Association for many times, the "Spring Swallow Award"; the research and manufacture of CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Grinding Machine series products has won the first prize of Hunan Province's scientific and technological progress; Gear grinding machine and high-precision bevel gear digitized processing complete set of equipment were rated as "Hunan famous brand products", "Zhongda Chuangyuan" was rated as a famous trademark of Hunan Province.

    ZDCY Technology Center is Hunan Provincial Technology Center, covering gear theory research laboratory, gear laboratory, spindle laboratory, software and electrical research laboratory. Within the technology center, there are a group of high-tech subject leaders with rich engineering practice experience and strong engineering technology research and development team. The number of R&D personnel directly engaged in scientific and technological research is more than 90, accounting for more than 45% of the total number of employees. Among the R&D personnel, there are 30 persons with senior titles (including professors and doctors) and 2 persons who enjoy subsidies from the State Council. The competence, age and qualifications of the technical team are well matched, and the core technical backbone team of five categories of software, machinery, electricity, technology, processing and application technology is stable.

    Standing at the forefront of high-tech, the company courageously takes the banner of revitalizing national industry, carries out the promise of "creating far-reaching machine tools, manufacturing national competitiveness", and changes the world high-tech competitive qualification bureau. In order to realize the mission of "manufacturing national backbone", the company adheres to the core values of "sincerity, responsibility, perseverance and transcendence" and the quality pursuit of "quality touching customers". It adheres to the high-grade CNC gear machine tool industry of "being fine, strong and complete". It integrates China's superior resources in the field of CNC equipment manufacturing, promotes the gathering of professionals in this field, and solves the problem that China has taken the lead in this field. The difficulties in manufacturing technology and equipment for the core components of the propulsion unit provide guarantee for the innovation and manufacture of important technical equipment and national defense equipment in China, enhance the strength and position of our country in the frontier field of NC spiral bevel gear processing machine tools, break the international blockade and monopoly in this field of technology, and promote the adjustment of product structure and industrial technology of gear industry in China. Progress has laid a solid foundation for the industrial technology development of high-grade CNC complex surface processing machine tools.

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Tel: 0086-731-84878468
Mobile: 0086-18075128236

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